KODAK SMILE 3.5”x 4.25” ZINK Photo Paper


3.5”x 4.25” ZINK Photo Paper
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KODAK ZINK’s premium-quality photo paper recreates every color and memorable moment with outstanding and brilliant detail. Every image boasts remarkable color integrity that is perfect for printing smartphone shots, augmented reality images, or photos from social media networks. KODAK ZINK photo paper eliminates the need for costly film, as well as the painfully expensive and wasteful printer cartridges, ink, and toner, replacing them with a natural printing solution that loads easily into your KODAK SMILE Classic camera and prints in a single pass.

KODAK ZINK photo paper is treated with a glossy, protective polymer overcoat that is water-resistant, tear-resistant, smudge-proof, and dry to the touch immediately after printing. Peel off the back to expose the adhesive and turn your prints into stickers. Frame your photo prints, share them with friends and family as souvenirs or Christmas presents, or peel off the sticky back and post them in a scrapbook or photo album, on a wall, on your cellphone case: anywhere your creativity takes you. KODAK ZINK photo paper bundles cost less than any other instant print brand, so you get more prints per penny.

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