Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera Bundle W/Zink Paper 100-Pack & Case

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Instant Print Camera Bundle

Just point, shoot, and print.

Perfect to take on the go, whenever you want to share prints, the Kodak Printomatic Instant Picture Camera (Black) is the easiest, funniest way to share photos with friends. The Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera prints smudge-proof, water- and tear-resistant photos up to 5MP automatically. Your prints are even adhesive-backed, so you can get creative and use the photos to decorate, just as you would any sticker. The Kodak instant camera speed even allows you to continue shooting while your photo is printing. The mini digital camera's ZERO Ink Photo paper technology means you don't need to worry about messy print cartridges, film, or toner. Enjoy the Insta camera built-in flash and use the MicroSD slot for additional memory. Stop waiting and start printing with the Kodak Printomatic Mini Instant Camera. Included: 5 x 20 packs of ZINK sticky paper and a case. Condition: New

Key features:

  • The Kodak Printomatic camera instantly prints 2x3” photos anywhere you need
  • Snap, edit and print gorgeous full-color photographs with one convenient pocket-sized device
  • A powerful combination of a 5MP sensor with a wide angle f/2 lens that instantly prints photos
  • Comes equipped with a light sensor that will automatically turn on the flash in low-light settings
  • ZINK innovation eliminates the need for pricy ink cartridges, toners, or ribbons
  • Sticky-back paper with embedded dye crystals delivers quality, durable, and affordable photos
  • Beautifully detailed prints that are resistant to moisture, rips, tears, and smudges
  • Includes the Printomatic Camera, 2x3 Zink Paper 100 pack, and a carrying case
  • This Point and Shoot camera speed allows you to shoot a new photo while printing the previous shot
  • Portable and lightweight device is great for snapping pics at outdoor parties, on vacation, and more
  • Included: 5 x 20 packs of ZINK sticky paper and a case.

Customer Reviews

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The camera worked great until the second round of film- it jammed in the printing mechanism and wouldn’t fix the problem on its own. However, other than that, I definitely recommend the product- great for traveling!

Hafeeza Dunn

I absolutely love my camera but my pics are coming out dark 😔 is anyone else having this problem with their printomatic??

Devorah Gross

OMG this camra does miricales


I love my Printomatic! Is easy to use, to manage and I have fun using it!


This Camera is perfect but i can't pay.