KODAK 1.8x Magnifying LED Slide Viewer | Compact Portable

KODAK 1.8x Magnifying

LED Slide Viewer | Compact Portable HD Multimedia
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  • KODOCHROME MAGIC TAKES CENTER STAGE | Relive the Glory Days of Image Projection with the KODAK 1.8x Magnifying LED Slide Viewer! Handheld Device Lets You View Old 35mm Film Slides Anytime, Anywhere & with Stunning Clarity | Includes Miniature Viewing Device with Backlight & Magnifying Lens, Travel Neck Strap & User Guide
  • EXTRA POWERFUL 1.8 TIMES MAGNIFICATION | Skip the Massive Slide Viewers & Digital Projection Systems! Our Compact Personal Projector Makes Revisiting Old Memories Fast & Simple with a Glass Viewing Window Featuring Generous 1.8x Magnifying Power | Just Flip the Built-In Lens Cover Into Place to Protect Against Cracks & Scratches During Travel
  • NO MORE STRAINING OR SQUINTING TO SEE | No Sun? No Problem. For Decades, Viewers Would Hold Their Old 35mm Slides Up to the Sky, Causing Unnecessary Strain & Damage to their Eyes | KODAK has You Covered with an Ultra-Bright, Long-Lasting LED Backlight Built Into the Device | Flip the Switch for Instant Illumination [4 AA Batteries Required]
  • YOUR PORTAL TO THE PAST IS NOW PORTABLE | Traveling Long Distance to Visit Friends? Taking a Flight to Next Year’s Family Reunion? Our Palm-Sized Slide Viewer is Not Only Lightweight & Slim, But Also Comes with a Bonus Lanyard Neck Strap for Carrying Hands-Free or Attaching to Wrist for Added Protection During Use | Unit Measures 2.4”x 6.1”x 0.9”
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF FUN, STRESS-FREE NOSTALGIA | High-Quality 35mm Film Viewer Delivers Crisp, Clear Detail & Brilliant, True-to-Life Color—No Complex Setup Required! Whether You’re Shopping for Mom, Dad, Grandparents, KODAK Collectors or Antique Enthusiasts, this Easy-to-Use System Makes a Great Present for Birthday, Holiday, Anniversary & More

Product Description

Making memories 85 years later. 

Old 35mm slides may have faded out in the 90’s, but KODAK’S exceptional imaging technology lives on with the 1.8x Magnifying LED Slide Viewer! This charming little device reproduces your old pictures and slides with meticulous detail, delicate color, powerful illumination, and convenient 1.8 times magnification, so you can relive yesteryear on the regular. Thanks to its slim, lightweight design and convenient battery operation, the personal viewer travels easily and makes a perfect companion for folks who love the simple life. Whether your goal is novelty, nostalgia, or practical image projection, give the gift of past meets present! Add the KODAK 1.8x Magnifying LED Slide Viewer to your cart today!

Peer into the past like never before.

Tired of your old slides collecting dust? Cherishing those moments is now easier than ever with the KODAK 1.8x Magnifying LED Slide Viewer—the smallest and simplest device in our 35mm viewing lineup. Instead of digitizing your slides or plugging in an oversized projector, all you have to do is flip the switch and see the past come to life with optimal lighting, vivid color, ideal magnification, and true-to-life detail.

KODAK’s legacy of reliable, high-quality image reproduction does not miss with this mini time machine’s ultra-bright LED lamp and impressive 1.8x magnifying glass. Just place a 35mm film slide on the platform, take a peek, and prepare for some powerful reminiscing!

Specs & Details

  • Dimensions: 2.4” x 6.1” x 0.9”
  • Weight: 0.3 lbs
  • Power: 4 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included)
  • Light source: LED
  • Magnification: 1.8x
  • Compatible slides: 35mm
  • Assembly required: no

Go hands-free

Attach the lanyard to the slide viewer for stress-free transport around your neck or strapped to your wrist.

Take it anywhere

Tiny, compact design is perfect for packing in a purse, backpack, suitcase, camera bag, or other travel gear.

Hold on to the past

Desktop slide viewers are handy, but this one is even handier! The device fits easily in your grip while viewing.

Skip the charge

Load 4 standard AA batteries into the cartridge for hours and hours of viewing fun! Note: batteries not included

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