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Bring your memories back to life with just a smartphone!

Love looking at your old films, but tired of messy wires and bulky scanning equipment? Skip the expensive fees and keep things simple with the KODAK Mobile Film Scanner. On the surface, it looks like a cute little box. But put it together, place your smartphone on top, and old photographs become digitized in seconds. Our handy scanner is crafted of heavyweight cardboard, which folds down into a small, compact package for portable ease. A built-in LED backlight illuminates your old 35mm films and slides, while the dedicated KODAK Mobile Film Scanner app lets you control everything on your smartphone screen. Crop, rotate and adjust images, add flattering filters, and share directly to social media for Throwback Thursday and more. It’s time to get moving on your personal media conversion. Choose the easiest, most affordable way to scan and save: Bring home a KODAK Mobile Film Scanner today.

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Film conversion—in the cloud?
For decades, old 35mm slides and negatives were difficult to view, time-consuming to develop, and expensive to save. Now, the innovative KODAK brand brings photo scanning into the 21st century! This simple little gadget makes it possible to display, edit, save and share old film photographs in a matter of seconds.

Just use your Phone
Requiring no fancy interfaces, software, cameras or conversion equipment, the Mobile Film Scanner digitizes all your 35mm black and white and color negatives with incredible ease and efficiency. There’s just one simple requirement: you need your smartphone! Assemble the cardboard platform, switch on the internal LED backlight, insert a slide or film, and get to work via the dedicated app.

Let your editing skills unfold!
The KODAK Mobile Film Scanner app for Android lets you restore old photos to their former glory with a full suite of editing features. Crop, rotate and adjust images, alter color and contrast, add flattering filters, and switch your camera from negative to positive mode with just a swipe. The simple interface makes it easy to download pics to your smartphone and share directly to your favorite social media sites.

No more bulky equipment!
Finished your trip down memory lane? The tiny scanner is made of lightweight, durable cardboard and folds down easily for storage or travel. When you’re done, collapse the smartphone seat and film tray into a cute, compact box, slip in your pocket and be on your way. Converting old photos has never been so smart, fun and affordable!

Package Includes

  • 1 x Mobile Film Scanner from KODAK
  • User manual with easy assembly and disassembly instructions
  • FREE access to the dedicated app for Android and iOS


  • Requires 2 AA batteries [not included]
  • Compatible film types: 35mm B&W film negatives, color film negatives, color slide positives
  • Material: heavy duty cardboard
  • App: for Android 5.0 and up – iOS iPhone 6 and Up

Customer Reviews

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A great tool for scanning pictures on the go

This product is good for converting, user friendly, easy to setup, compatible with external devices and is very durable.

good size

This is a great little tool picture comes out with good quality, good for converting and is cheaper than getting scanning done from a store

Can be used with an easy process

This device can be used with an easy process. It's very easy to assemble and is good for small number of slides. What a superb product. I like the easy of use of it. Oh how I love simple devices. Thanks for this great product.

This Kodak Mobile Film Scanner compliments your phone

The price is pocket friendly and though the battery cover was broken when delivered, it works as advertised.

Low cost printer

The price is less expensive when compared to other products. But this product is more effective and usable than others. So it does not make more discomfort. This one is cheaper than scanning done at a store. It uses great little tool and is really good for converting. amazingly, pictures came out good.