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Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner
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What’s old (memories) is new again!

Wish you could relive the past without the headache of today’s confusing technology? Now, with the all-in-one Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner from KODAK, you can convert old-format photographs into enhanced JPEG files for your viewing, sharing and printing pleasure! This small but mighty device features an integrated 2.4” LCD screen, one-press button operation, simple user interface and easy-load adapters for 135, 126, 110, Super 8 and Monochrome negatives and slides. Just load your old films one by one, and watch as the machine quickly displays photos and saves up to 128MB for a variety of purposes.

Scan, save and send your pictures from yesteryear to any computer for sharing on social media. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or want to condense your many film converters into one small, simple device, KODAK’s powerful technology is your only solution. So add a Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner to your cart today, and start the photo-feeding frenzy!

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  • All Your Favorite Films: The scanner adapters accommodate everything from old 35mm film to 110 cartridge formats to old-school Super 8 reels.
  • Plug to View: The back of the device features an SD card slot, mini USB power connection and TV-out connection with cables included.
  • Continuous Loading: Film and slides move effortlessly through the gadget’s loading dock, providing faster, smoother performance.
  • Simple Controls: Buttons include power, left arrow/reverse function, home, ‘Ok,’ right arrow/flip function and scan/capture for one-press convenience.
  • Compact Portability: The device rests comfortably in the palm of your hand, measuring just 3.43” x 3.41” x 4.04” for easy carrying and storage.
    Color Correction: Editing tools allow you to adjust RGB levels [red, green, blue] so old photographs turn out as good as new.
    Accessories Included: Extended extras include a cleaning wand, 3-in-1 power adapter for use in the United States, Europe and the UK, and more.
    Upgraded Interface: Once powered, the scanner practically runs itself. Choose your film type and other options via the simple on-screen prompts.
    Mistakes No More: If you accidentally load film upside down or inverted, flip and mirror tools fix the problem—even backwards wording—in a flash.


  • Image Sensor – 14.0 megapixels (4416x3312); ½.33” CMOS sensor
  • Display – 2.4” color TFT LCD
  • Exposure Control – Automatic/Manual (-2.0 ~ +2.0 EV)
  • Resolution – 14 megapixels/22 megapixels
  • Scannable film types – 135 film (36 x 24mm), 126 film (27x27mm), 110 film (17 x 13mm), Super 8 film (4.01 x 5.79mm), Monochrome film, slides
  • Scannable picture formats – B&W, slides, negatives
  • Scanned file format – JPEG
  • TV-Out Type – NTSC/PAL
  • External Memory Support – SD Card up to 32GB (Not Included)
  • Dimensions – 3.43” L x 3.41” W x 4.04” H Weight – 8.82oz

Customer Reviews

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Easy to scan.

This scanner is easy to use. Its size is perfect. Works as expected.

Brand is good

Scan, save and send your pictures from any computer for sharing on social media. It is also a good brand. Great brand name with good picture quality. Great for scanning to computer.

Easy to use and produces great pictures

User friendly, easy and quick process and an impressive picture quality. But it shuts down randlomly.

Good quality and quick.

I scanned so many slides so quickly using this, and my photos came out looking good. Make sure you read the instructions as the buttons are not self explanatory, but the screen viewer is useful because it helps you make the decision on each slide whether to adjust or save.

Great Brand and Great Customer Service

It was a lot smaller than I expected when it arrived! I had some issues initially, but Kodak is a great brand and offer great customer service, and their instructions helped me a lot in scanning all my old kids photos. It is easy to use and the quality of my scans is decent.