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Best toy of past 7yr!

Only one of 160 residents and staff that owns one of these. Having a ball sharing wallet sized pics!

lack of image adjustability, no wireless connection.

For the price, I would have expected more image adjustability such as compensating with angled surfaces, and frame shaping. there is no Wireless connection on this device, going with other brands that can offer more capabilities.

kodak slide n scan digital film scanner

First of all the the unit scans slides with decent quality. Having said that one has to load each slide one by one and that is a pain in the ass when you have 1000 slides. Also the buttons have dual functions which is not good and confusing. Some times the device wont be seen by the computer. It works well with slides but not negatives. The loading method for slides and negatives is a pain in the ass. Doesn't come with sd card and no one could tell me if it will take a sd card larger then 32g. Unfortunately I will have to keep it cause the price was $179 and the next device up is over $250. Suggest at the time of purchase you buy the extended 3 year warranty. Seems that any slide scanner under $350 will not have have a slide stack loader. Bummer

Does what it does quite well and quickly

We have over 90 Kodak circular slide trays (mostly 140 capacity and some 80) to scan. Over 50+ years of family slides. We have made it through 26 of them so far in just a few days of off and on scanning. We stop and take breaks because it can get monotonous. The thing most liked about it is it autofocuses. One trick is to set the expose down to -3 in the settings. the slides look better when scanned that way. Only issue so far is there is no tray that works with the oldest slides we have which appear to be a different format, not 135 or 126. I am pretty sure the first couple of trays were shot with an old Kodak Brownie camera that had 120 format slide film. There is no included tray for 120 format. Kodak: are you watching these comments? Any chance you'll make a 120 slide film tray for this scanner?

Red's and pinks not true to their real color on my film negatives when I scan them.

This unit does NOT do red's and pinks correctly when I scan them into using my film 35mm negatives. Just not an opinion
but it is fact that it turns reds and pinks a neon color on peoples lips if wearing certain lipsticks and cake incing.
This is a big deal as my photos often have reds. My pictures came out fine when developing them. This unit does NOT scan correctly
negatives. Everything else about it is great but that is pretty huge not to have reds and pinks come out true to color.
It does fine on 35mm slides. Just fine. Not negatives.

Não está a imprimir

Olá . Ofereci uma há minha filha e junho deste ano. Só imprimiu uma vez .. tem as duas luzes vermelhas acessas e não imprime . Poderia me ajudar , qual a causa ?

It scans well, but the timestamp feature has a frustrating defect.

The unit image scanning quality is good. The unit offers a feature to timestamp scanned images presumably with the date the photos were taken. The software will not allow this date to be set any earlier than Jan 1st 1980. I have film and slides going back to the 1940s. I don't understand how a company like Kodak which has been manufacturing film products for decades prior to 1980 would limit the use of this feature to the last 50 years. I would not recommend this product if your materials are older than 1980.

Jammed pretty quick

The camera worked great until the second round of film- it jammed in the printing mechanism and wouldn’t fix the problem on its own. However, other than that, I definitely recommend the product- great for traveling!

Love the printer but missing an option

The printer is really cool and very convenient. Only problem is I have bought a few packages of precut sticker paper and that option isn't available on Android apparently, only on the iphone. That needs to be highlighted so more customers don't make the same mistake. Other than that.... awesome little printer.

Not able to see movies

I bought it a year ago. Projector it self is good. Sound not so much but you can connect it to a speaker. It is becoming useless when you are no longer able to see movies at the projector. Disney + and prime block you from watch movies using the projector.

Well, despite the specification that this comes with two quick release plates, mine only came with one. Which I can't find. And it's not a standard size. So now I don't have a usable tripod :-(

Apart from that, it's decently sturdy given its weight. It was good value until it stopped being functional.

Ksmile smile camera.

Hi my camera printer iisn't working, though the camera is works but the printer is not working, please can you help me out here what to do.

Review of this Kodak advertisement

I have seen illustrations/Pictures of this Scanner with the SD card face up. WRONG, it goes in upside-down. Amazon shows a 128Gb card, and this advertisement shows a 64Gb which is also wrong because the instructions indicate that only a 32Gb maximum card should be used. (I have never tried a larger size)

Doesn't connect to anything I own

I cannot connect to the projector with my phone or tablet. Only an HD I connection has worked so far. We purchased for the wireless connection. Maybe Apple works with it better? We have android phones (google pixel) and a Samsung tablet but no way to mirror to the device.

Don't get if you have a pixel. Make sure you can screen cast before you purchase.

In luv but ...

I absolutely love my camera but my pics are coming out dark 😔 is anyone else having this problem with their printomatic??

Nice pictures BUT!

I am quite impressed with the picture quality for the price but it would be great to have a manual option on the exposure setting as with some shots it can't cope, if there is a bright white sky in the background of the picture the image flashes, very annoying, with a well exposed exterior shot with bright blue sky the pictures are great and it is very good with underexposed shots too.
It also requires a manual colour balance setting too as it can get confused on some shots and black and white film is not pure, it needs a chroma level setting too!
A switch for using black and white film would be good.
After using it to transfer many films over the weekend it started making strange noises like a fan scraping on something inside. I had to return it to Amazon.
I would consider buying your next model with these modifications, do you have any plans to bring out a new version?
Here is my video review:-

So Unique!

Totally blown away with quality and simplicity. Am only one of 160 people in a facility can do this. I take advantage of it. TY Kodak

Great Color

I use these images as a reference for painting. Good color and detail.

Slide N Scan Did Not Perform Well

The Preview Mode seems to stop in the middle of previewing approximately 40-50 slides. The manual indicates wherever we are in the process that we would have the ability to double click the top left key to Preview. Throughout my initial project today, I had to unplug the power cord numerous times in order to reset the Preview. Unfortunately, I will have to return the product.

First Day

I have 126 negatives form the 60's/70's I'm scanning and this scanner picked up colors and quality not even in the original prints. Although of course, back in the day, it seems the negatives were better than the cameras or the print shops both after using this machine! I bought a negative cleaning kit also which helps cut way down on fuzz and dust on the areas in side that would show up in the photo (why do this more than once just for fuzz, right?). Love this! Never have had a scanner to bring out such color though!
The only complaint is how it picks up red from the carpet and decorations of the 1970's. Yes, even in real life those were close to glowing red anyway, but still, just high on the contrast side. I have a photo program for those, so no worries, but I haven't yet found anything to make it only adjust the red. It sure isn't enough to keep me from telling anyone like me that is OCD about negatives to go ahead and get this! Other than the red thing, its wonderful on even double exposure pics. You can brighten or darken to picture up enough to see what's going on and deal with that later in a software program.
Wish I had this 30 years ago!! Thank you!

Wonderful protector

So far I've using it to streaming my movies and TV shows on it but don't expect much when you try to mirror your phone as for me I tried to navigate apps on my phone like if you should expect if you want to mirror Netflix or Disney plus those providers don't allow you to mirror and Netflix and Disney don't let it the Netflix app on the device is very off when you try to use it only works in mouse mode but amazon prime works just fine so far not able to move around Netflix I take away one star

The best camra ever

OMG this camra does miricales

Going along just fine .........

Everything was just fine (and I was using a 128 gig SDXC card), when an sd card icon appeared on screen with the word FALL inside of it. The scanner won't capture any more slides, and I couldn't find a reference to this situation in the User Manual. HELP !!!!

Excellent Little Printer!

I bought this on a whim, and I LOVE it! The photos come out clear, and colorful, and I use them from everything from making signs and posters for miniatures, to Scrapbooking. This is a fun item to have for "on the spot" printing, meaning you can send physical pics off with your friends, I Really enjoy it.


The only works for color reversal film (Ektachrome for current users), this was not at all clear to me on any of the product pages or promotional videos. All the promos showed nice positive images on the LCD, with no mention that it wouldn't work w/ Kodak's own 7203 or 7219. I called support and they confirmed this. They could have made this a lot clearer and saved me a lot of time and trouble.