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Great Color

I use these images as a reference for painting. Good color and detail.

Slide N Scan Did Not Perform Well

The Preview Mode seems to stop in the middle of previewing approximately 40-50 slides. The manual indicates wherever we are in the process that we would have the ability to double click the top left key to Preview. Throughout my initial project today, I had to unplug the power cord numerous times in order to reset the Preview. Unfortunately, I will have to return the product.

First Day

I have 126 negatives form the 60's/70's I'm scanning and this scanner picked up colors and quality not even in the original prints. Although of course, back in the day, it seems the negatives were better than the cameras or the print shops both after using this machine! I bought a negative cleaning kit also which helps cut way down on fuzz and dust on the areas in side that would show up in the photo (why do this more than once just for fuzz, right?). Love this! Never have had a scanner to bring out such color though!
The only complaint is how it picks up red from the carpet and decorations of the 1970's. Yes, even in real life those were close to glowing red anyway, but still, just high on the contrast side. I have a photo program for those, so no worries, but I haven't yet found anything to make it only adjust the red. It sure isn't enough to keep me from telling anyone like me that is OCD about negatives to go ahead and get this! Other than the red thing, its wonderful on even double exposure pics. You can brighten or darken to picture up enough to see what's going on and deal with that later in a software program.
Wish I had this 30 years ago!! Thank you!

Wonderful protector

So far I've using it to streaming my movies and TV shows on it but don't expect much when you try to mirror your phone as for me I tried to navigate apps on my phone like if you should expect if you want to mirror Netflix or Disney plus those providers don't allow you to mirror and Netflix and Disney don't let it the Netflix app on the device is very off when you try to use it only works in mouse mode but amazon prime works just fine so far not able to move around Netflix I take away one star

The best camra ever

OMG this camra does miricales

Going along just fine .........

Everything was just fine (and I was using a 128 gig SDXC card), when an sd card icon appeared on screen with the word FALL inside of it. The scanner won't capture any more slides, and I couldn't find a reference to this situation in the User Manual. HELP !!!!

Excellent Little Printer!

I bought this on a whim, and I LOVE it! The photos come out clear, and colorful, and I use them from everything from making signs and posters for miniatures, to Scrapbooking. This is a fun item to have for "on the spot" printing, meaning you can send physical pics off with your friends, I Really enjoy it.


The only works for color reversal film (Ektachrome for current users), this was not at all clear to me on any of the product pages or promotional videos. All the promos showed nice positive images on the LCD, with no mention that it wouldn't work w/ Kodak's own 7203 or 7219. I called support and they confirmed this. They could have made this a lot clearer and saved me a lot of time and trouble.

Kodak luma 400

bought kodak luma 400, everything is not bad, but the remote does not connect. also could not connect so that the phone plays what is on the projector.

Solid, but not perfect

I do a lot of presentations for my work and have gone through a few portable projectors of varying brands. Of all of the ones I've tried, I will say the Luma 350 is at the top of my list. Its solid, bright enough to use in most situations I am in and is easy to use. My only two frustrations are that you can't completely edit the homescreen (I don't use YouTube, and even if I uninstall it, the big tile stays), and that some popular apps do not have compatible versions for this projector. I have to use an external device to use all the services I use. If Kodak and Roku came together to make a "Roku powered" Luma, I'd be all over it as that would be the perfect solution today. If you don't use Roku and need a simple projector for Hulu, Netflix, Twitch and YouTube, its great on it's own.

A learning experience.

I finally realized that I could manually remove the lock from my SD card so my ignorance was a factor here. I still find this unit a bit cumbersome, and I'm afraid of its plasticity would cause some of it to break, so I'll be very careful. I still only give it 3 1/2 stars.

incomplete error messages.

I have the SD card inserted but the device keeps telling me that the SD card is locked. There is no explanation for this error message. I have inserted the SD card properly, and nothing seems to work. This product is cumbersome without adequate explanation of error messages. I notice that more than half of your customer reviews rate this unit below 50% approval. Please advise.

Kodak step and zink paper

I love my kodak Step! I've had it two years now and it is very reliable. The zink paper is amazing and works very well with the printer.

Slide tray blocking image

I have the same issue as a previous review. Something on the slide scanner tray seems to be blocking part of the image. There does not seem to be any way to remove the slide tray once you have inserted it. I bought the unit to scan 50mm slides but it won't show the whole image so it is useless. :(


Don't forget, if you do not want to be cabled to your computer while using the Slide and Scan you will need a 5 volt, 1 amp adapter wall plug to power your unit.

Kodak printer paper, and Kodak one step. I am in love with both.

I am in love with the Kodak one step and 2x3 printer paper. Even got my neice one. Thank you. Cecelia Prizzi. Love the colors and quality.

Love it but need help

I got the printer and done everything like it said it printed my first set of pictures great then all of a sudden when I went to print more it constantly say paper misdeed or empty it has paper and it’s not a misdeed I have reset it and took the paper out and put it back in and still will not work

the scanner switches off automatically

Idid't use it for a long time . Simply connected by the USB cable to my PC , after a press on the switch on button, the scanner switch off almost immediately. after a while, the screen is showwing : Center ADJ with X, Y, ratio and Film option. Next step ist Setup options : Format, default , Version , with Yes or No choice by Enter OK . What to do next ??

Missing part to work fully

The advertising (including the first slide on the website) says everything you need to use. Well, as it goes, it does not come with an SD card, which makes it useless. This won't be an issue if you already have one, but be aware if you don't that you need to buy one, and it needs to be 32GB or smaller.

Next, there are no instructions on how to identify what kind of slides or negatives you have. I suspect a lot of people, like me, are buying these to scan old family photos after someone has passed. Good luck finding out what the slides are without random trial and error. That's not core to the product, just something it would have been nice to have in the guide.

Other than that, does what it says.


I love the printer hate the quality it prints great when it wants to but lately all my pics have printed saturated in orange or redish color hopefully they fix this with a firmware update


Following the directions right out of the box...I've connected the scanner to my computer via the provided USB cable. I then press the power button. I get the yellow splash screen for a few seconds, then the icons mentioned in the manual, but only for about 2 seconds. Then the scanner shuts down. No power. The manual doesn't mention this, but is there a battery that needs to be charged up by the computer connection before I start using the scanner? If so, I'm good with that, but why not mention it in the book? I'll give it some time to see if it makes a difference by waiting, then write a true review.

works well, but no date option?

The scanner's working well, doing pretty much what I need it to do, but it saves every file with the date of Jun 1 2017 (I think it's 2017? maybe it was 2007? I don't have it handy right now). I've been unable to find a way to update the device's date/time, so after saving the files I need to manually update the scans' created & modified dates on another system. I haven't found any info on it online, either.
It would also be nice to be able to rotate the image at the time of scanning rather than having to go back in under Gallery Mode to rotate them later.

Scanning my childhood.

I have purchased this scanner just a couple of weeks ago, the Kodak Reels V.2.0.
So, its somehow updated from the first Kodak Reelz, with, yes, spelled with a z.
If the update is only the name, a marketing change, or a physical change in thew machine or software would be interesting to know. What is new and affected me in a positive way was it is available in European Union to purchase with the electric inlet transformer made for EU sockets.
I was little nervous about the quality of the mechanic of the machine because watching a video on YouTube, of the version 1, you know with a z. On that video the pickup reel did stop after a while and the owner returned the machine for a new one. But it was acting in the same way.
Now I have started to use the machine and I just finished my eight reel of three minutes Super 8 films through the scanner with out any problems.
There is no information hidden about it is just scans two fames per seconds, so, yes it will take a good half hour to scan the three minutes film. It is what you are buying, so you can’t complain.
The rewind is not fast either, but on the other hand you can say it’s gentle.
For me as a hobbyist, the time is not a concern. So, I am happy so far.
I can’t complain of the picture quality. The small sized Super 8 is always grainy by its selves and I can’t expect the scanner to do anything about that. The colors look exceptionally good to me!
OK, not five stars? No because things can always be improved.
The machine is made for 8mm and Super 8 film. And what I’ve understand the reels for the two are not the same. The center fitting is of two varied sizes, if understand it right. The take up reel is made for 8mm, and the center hole is smaller then for the Super 8 reels. The machine is designed for the small center hole. So, there is two adaptors made and shipped with the machine for reels with the bigger holes. It is not a big problem, but I need to remove the adaptors every time I switch place of the film reel and the pickup reel. So, I will maybe purchase a new pickup reel with a big center hole and the adapters can stay on the machine and not being worn out.
I am also curious about if the machine software could be updated in the future with alternative of codec and frame rate settings, higher use of 8 M-pixel camera etc., etc. Probably not but it would have been a bonus for sure.
I said the time is not a problem for me. I had 26 three minutes rolls and two half hour rolls. I think this autumn all my film will be digitized. So, what to do with the scanner then? Small business to scan for others or sell it. Let us see.



Best ever

Easy to use and portable!!!