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i love it

it takes amazing pictures better than i few others ive bought through out my life but wish the photo paper wasnt so expensive to buy more i love taking pictures

Wishing to buy this camera

This Camera is perfect but i can't pay.

Great hardware and a very intuitive Software Interface

I purchased the Kodak Digital Film Scan Tool from a retailer.

After downloading the software from Kodak's website, I was up and scanning slides and negatives in minutes.

For those of you who remember Kodacolor prints, the negatives have an orange filter built into the emulsion. The Scanner recognized the negative, removed the orange filter, and reversed the negative into a positive. All in one easy step! (I thought I would have to Photoshop (tm) the scanned image, remove the filter, and then reverse the negative - - - this saved a lot of steps).

Scanning was very quick, and I'm only using a USB 2.0 interface.

Lots of resolution options:
Standard jpeg = 388 kB (OK for e-mails)
Interpolated jpeg = 947 kB (yawn)
Standard TIFF = 16 Meg (OK, you've got my attention - should be good for a 4x6 print at least)
Interpolated TIFF = more than 59 Meg (looks like I will need an external hard drive!)

At its present price point, I think this is a great scanner. It works as advertised, resolution settings seem right for "snapshots" or more serious work, the software is quite user-friendly, and the whole thing is in a nice, compact form factor.

I think the Kodak scanner is a real winner, and I will be looking forward to securing my old slides/negative into easily shareable digital formats.

Thanks, Kodak!!


There is warranty ? For how many year?

Good but...

It was easy to set up and get going. I was not happy with the clarity of the print a little blurry and skin tones were dead looking. I tried the collage feature and it would not print. It kept saying preparing to print and it never did. These are my first attempts to print so I will try more prints tomorrow.

Can't change date

I have liked this product and enjoyed seeing old family slides come into the digital world. My only issue is setting the date on the machine. All my scans have the date stamp of 6/1/2017. I have found no way to change this in the manual and have received no response from Support. Since I am trying to catalog many photos, it would be nice to have this date show the actual date. Still looking for answers . . .

Performed Decently Enough

I purchased this init a couple of days ago and so far, it has performed well enough, even the 110 format was satisfactory. The insert was a bit tricky but it once figured out, it worked. The only thing that concerns me is after the configuration and brightness is set, after the exposure button is pressed, the settings are all wrong (too blue, too bright, etc.). Going to try a Wolverine scanner and see if it has the same issues.

Absolutley Heartbroken!!

I am so disappointed! I bought this printer only about a year and a half ago on sale for Black Friday from Walmart and it worked perfectly when I first got it for Christmas. I was so excited and super happy printing out all of my pictures. They turned out so cute and I loved it! Now I'm trying to put together a scrapbook of all of my high school memories and I went out and saved money to buy a new cartridge because they're stupidly expensive, but I finally bought another one and as I went to print my first photo it jammed half way through and I was left with a half red photo. I started getting nervous because I was afraid it wasn't going to work anymore and I was right because I retired it 5 times and now I've already wasted a bunch of paper. They all came out mostly blank with only part of the photo printed and completely yellow. I replaced the cartridge and tried just about everything that I've been reading online and I've come to accept the fact that my printer just won't work anymore. I'm so sad because I only really got to use it a few times and now I have nothing. The fact that so many of these reviews are negative should tell you not to buy this printer! It sounds like a lot of people are having this exact issue over the time span of about a year. Don't waste your money!! I loved the convenience of this printer and how high quality the photos were but I'm better off just going to Walgreens at this point. I would absolutely discourage anyone from buying this because it's such a waste of time and money. So disappointed, I'm letting everyone know these printers don't work!! :,(

Good Quality Scan BUT : but can't set the date earlier than 1980

Aggravating!. Im scanning my fathers slides from the 1950's through the 1970's. Unfortunately the date cant be adjusted any earlier than 1980. Customer service is nowhere to be found. I've been on hold , and the call gets dropped after a ten minute hold. Isn't there a firmware update that is being offered ?

Scanning slides from mid 1960's thru early 1980's

My parents had several loaded slide trays for viewing on a projector from mid 1950's thru early part of the 1980's. Many of these slides were of my younger years growing up on the family farm and I wanted to convert them to digital. I had projected the slides onto a projector screen and took a picture of the screen with a 4K camera, then enhanced in PhotoShop. This worked, but still not the greatest results so I began an internet search before selecting the Kodak Slide-n-Scan.

The difference is quality was unbelievable. I had 3 or more pics that I couldn't digitalize satisfactory without converting them to black and white using the projector. With Kodak's Slide-n-Scan having easy accessible light/dark and red/green/blue controls, I was able to make minor adjustments to almost every original slide before scanning it. I ended up a nice colorful, digital copy of every slide! I still ran the scanned image thru Photoshop as I think removing the haze or dehazing the pictures can make a big difference along with other minor tweaks. (I even dehaze most of my 4K or 3D pictures that I take now before using them in Shutterfly or making a stereo card out of them, etc.) I couldn't believe how great the color came out in some of these old slides. Or how I could lighten or darken them up before scanning. And love the big 5" diagonal viewing screen!! Very easy to use.

FYI: One disappointment, nothing to do with the workability of the scanner, but worth noting. I had two different sizes of slides. The Kodak Slide-n-Scan only accepts slides 2" in width. The frames on my 60's - 80's slides are 2" square and they worked wonderfully. Had just a few that took a little more pressure to slide them thru the guide. But my older slides (from the mid 50's to mid 60's) are a Drewry Photocolor slide that measure 2 3/4" square on the frame (actual viewing area of the slides are 2" square inside the frame). These bigger slides will not fit/work in this scanner. Now I'm searching for a scanner to handle these bigger slides.

Instan Dock Printer

This Printer may work well but Heaven Help you if you need any questions that don't seem to be addressed. Customer support is a 0 out of 1-10. You can't get anyone on the line and when you are put on hold by a computer, the line goes dead after about 1 minute. Now I will try to get the info I need to send it back.

Love it

I bought the printer so we could print out our pictures for my Mom’s memorial service. It works great and I’m so glad I got it.

Doesn't work well with 110 film negatives

The unit worked ok with 135 negatives, but the feeder-guide (which is about 4 1/2" long), and which you need to insert an adapter for 110 film, is too wide for the negative strips which are usually 4" long or so, and they don't guide or push or pull through, so you can capture the image, as intended, but get hung up inside the unit. I called Kodak tech support and they suggested I might "file the guide down with a finger-nail file". It just wasn't designed to work with this size negative, and you'll be in for hours of frustration if you get one for that size film.

Great projector!

This is the best projector I have ever seen! Great quality!

Easy to use

Works well for slides.

Superb product as expected. I searched through many products and watched videos on many brands. Finally was satisfied with this.
User friendly, with the 4 step printing, i doesnt take time at all. Technology is so good . will give 5 ***** for the quality.

Photo paper is hard to find.

I like the camera a lot, but
can't find the photo paper for this camera in any local store. And I have looked.
Yes, you can order it from Amazon or Walmart, but it takes longer then normal. I bought the camera for a certain occasion. I ordered a 40 box of the paper from Amazon only to find the package hadn't been sealed properly and fell out somewhere along the way. Amazon is replacing it but its going to take 6 days. Would have been great to be able to go to Best Buys, Target, or any other similar store to buy some, but nobody carries it.

Not fully satisfied

Easy to setup and scan.
Even though we have option to scan at 14/22 MB, it scans at a max of 4.2MB. Not sure why.
Also for negatives when you push it through the adapter, it is not smoothly coming on opposite side.
Cleaning brush quality is not good.
Good to digitize your negatives but don't expect excellent quality.


Recently bought this printer for a VERY important purpose and needed it pretty much as soon as it arrived.
What wasn't told to anyone? The app used for Android phones is NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. We called. They know there is a problem and might have it fixed by the end of this week.
Sure hope their product is better than their warning about issues.....and their slow time fixing it.
I'd like to say it's worth the money....don't know!

Worst purchase ever!!!

This printer started destroying prints less than a year after purchase. I contacted customer service, going back and forth multiple times over a 6 month period before they replaced it, only to have the new one not even work from the get go! It ruined several brand new cartridges, wasting all of the money I spent on the printer, the cost of shipping it back to them to get a replacement, and the box of cartridges it wasted! I have also read several other similar reviews on the accompanying app.

Great product but showing its age.

Bought this back in February. It's used about 12 hours a week for the kids. USB jack often powers a 1st gen Chromecast for ultimate portability.
Plugged in 80% of the time to a Roku but when we do go wireless it doesn't hold a charge like it used to.
A few dead pixels later and a more finicky focus wheel but we still love this thing.
Onboard apps don't work half the time but with the Chromecast and Roku it isn't a big deal.
World but it again in a heartbeat
*some limited 3D functionality when contacted to a 3D source

It cant read the files on the SD card to print photos

I read reviews and Kodak said that it can. I don't know what to do! Why isn't it reading it?!

Works differently on different O/S's

Recieved the scanner yesterday. Works fine on my old XP but on my W7 PC there is no "Live View" being displayed (same scanner & same install disk). Have yet to try it on my W10 PC. Results are as good as can be expected from old slide/negative originals so photoShop is a must.


No tiene forma de adaptar negativos de rollos de Advantix?? Ya que si es así, me interesa sobremanera este producto... tengo muchos rollos de Advantix que quiero digitalizar.

Have print problem, i need warranty.

Have print problem, i need warranty.