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Controls stopped responding

Purchased new at local store over a year ago. Only used a few times. Everything worked fine when using USB stick until one day I battery died during playback. No problem, I thought - so I charged it, like always. Now it is stuck on the menu when I use the USB. The controls do not have any effect. It works when attachd to HDMI - the screen is automatically mirrored. But the volume control will not work. So now I had to buy an expenive adapter to get it to work with my iPhone. And since I am a week over the warranty period there is no coverage.

Good printer

This printer is portable and easy to use. The quality of the prints is topnotch and stands out when compared with others. Additionally, this printer is durable as it doesn’t develop faults easily. Hence, it is highly recommended for you, whether for small scale or large scale production.

Easy to scan.

This scanner is easy to use. Its size is perfect. Works as expected.

A great tool for scanning pictures on the go

This product is good for converting, user friendly, easy to setup, compatible with external devices and is very durable.

Quality is good

It is an average camera, but it is simple and easy to use. It produces good photos, and so value for money.

Simple to use.

This product is simple to use and the process of installation was easy as well. It is a durable product. Although the quality of the images could be of better quality.

Great device.

This is a great device for converting negatives and videos. But it is not compatible with new computers.

Convenient printer

Convenient printer dock which is fun to watch print. Let's print photos direct from a Smartphone. It includes Android dock pin & iOS lightning adapter that proves to be a great gift.

Brand is good

Scan, save and send your pictures from any computer for sharing on social media. It is also a good brand. Great brand name with good picture quality. Great for scanning to computer.

Size of quality is good

Full size photos. The photo size is give maximum full size photo. It brings good quality.

Kodak Zink photo paper

It uses KODAK ZINK Photo Paper, so no ink cartridges or toners are needed. The photo prints are durable, water resistant, and adhesive backed for extra fun. A great gift for teens cause they can easly take this with them wherever they go. may it be at school. Plus, this device prints professional looking shots.

High quality.

Despite its compact size it prints high quality, full size prints, bringing pro quality printing technology in a small, but powerful package.

Good product

This product is very convenient and user-friendly. Operation and handling are easy, and its design is fascinating.

With built-in speakers, good battery life of almost 2 hours of playtime, micro USB rechargeable option, you have nothing to worry about with this product.

It is highly recommended for its simple and yet sophisticated design and quality.

Easy to use and produces great pictures

User friendly, easy and quick process and an impressive picture quality. But it shuts down randlomly.

Easy to use

It was very easy to setup. The product was very nice and easy to use. It gives out more quality to the output. The product was very awesome and nice. The printer was very unique and the cartridge was very easy to set up as well. This device is user friendly, and is up and running in minutes. It does what it needs to do and it captures a bunch of slides into images. It was also easy to use.

Fast and easy

Fast easy and fun just point and shoot, the camera’s speed allows you to shoot a new photo while printing the previous shot.


Love to work on this product as the computer must need this product. Its quality is good as well as didn't hard to operate correctly. I would highly recommend this product.

Amazing speed.

The seller was prompt and received the scanner within 48 hours! The scanner itself has amazing speed, scanning good quality images within two seconds. An excellent product.


Product has no memory and only supports a few formats. It also scans only one at a time and has very limited options. It does a good job handling the most common film and slide sizes but the rest, not so much. The color balance feature is okay enough, just not great.

Worth For Money

Works great every time.Paper never got stuck even a single time.Allows you to store pictures and enables to print photos right away.Worth for money,go for it.

Perfect for print

The quality of print and printer is good because the lifetime of the printer is long. I like to recommended this printer. The quality of output also good. The print quality is compared to other excellent.


Good on performance, I am highly satisfiedI strongly recommended it because The camera’s speed allows you to shoot a new photo while printing the previous shot.

Good QualityProduced Photo Printer

This device is one of the great quality producing printer in the market. it actually produces a nice format output and the quality is great as well. Multiple refill packs can be used, which is great for quality photos. It features a finger print resistant which helps it work more efficiently. It also boasts its wireless connectivity to any other device.

KODAK ZINK Photo Paper 10.00% Off Auto renew
Great instant shots.

Produces great quality instant shots with perfect, vibrant color, although it is a little bit pricey.

Good quality

It prints directly from the camera so it does not print the photo from the SD card or cable it is easy to retrieve the memories. Prints automatically when image is captured.