KODAK Neutral Density Filter 37mm-105mm Set Pack of 3 ND2, ND4 & ND8 Filters

KODAK Neutral Density

Filter 37mm-105mm Set Pack of 3 ND2, ND4 & ND8 Filters
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Create motion in a single shot

Exercise your craft with the KODAK Neutral Density Filter Set. This collection comes with three unique filters: ND2 = 1 stop, ND4 = 2 stops, and ND8 = 3 stops. A great set that allows you to slow sunlight from entering the lens. The neutral density filters prevent overexposure, improve shallow depth of field, and enhance the expression of movement. Each filter helps to slow down sunlight from entering the lens.

These durable filters are comprised of a hard-wearing aluminum ring and Japanese glass. The multi-coating helps minimize reflection which reduces ghosting and flaring. Utilize these filters to the fullest for breathtaking visual effects to upgrade your captured images. Experience how these filters bring static images to life.



3 pack of lens filters

Neutral density filters prevent overexposure & express movement

Durable, multi-coated design

Creates photo-enhancing effects

Multi-threaded design allows multiple filters to be stacked


Package Contains

ND2 lens filter

ND4 lens filter

ND8 lens filter

Microfiber cloth

Storage case

Storage package

Mini user guide



Photo filter effect type: Neutral density

Lens material: Japanese glass

Frame material: Aluminum

Coating: Multi-layer

Polished: Yes

Warranty: 10 years

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