Kodak Scrapbook Accessories

Kodak Scrapbook Accessories
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Discover endless creative possibilities for all your paper and photo projects with this 12 Pack of Twin Tip Markers from KODAK. Unlike inferior craft sets, ours features a vast assortment of colors for all your artistic endeavors. Whether you’re making custom party decorations, personalized greeting cards, a one-of-a-kind picture scrapbook or educational classroom posters, our dual-sided design provides ultimate versatility. Achieve thin, precise lines for writing and sketching, or paint in big blocks of color to fill up the page. No matter your goal, the power of the pen promises beautiful results.

Love to relax while painting in the lines of your favorite adult coloring book? Use the ultra fine tip to add meticulous patterning; then, flip it around, and glide the chiseled edge to fully saturate the page. These multipurpose markers are also ideal for captioning your Zink Zero Ink photo prints, writing colorful notes or adding cool graphic detail to your scrapbook or classroom projects. For clean, fume-free fun for every drawing occasion, add some KODAK Twin Tip Markers to your cart today!

Customer Reviews

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Earl V.
Too thin

My only problem with this tape is that it's too thin. But, it's not really so big of a problem because you can just cut multiple strips and layer them to make the width you want. Besides that, this tape is perfect. For the price, the amount of tape you get is great. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Timothy G.
Washi Tape For Crafting!

If you are a crafter, or like to make scrapbooks and do journaling and stuff like that, this tape is a really nice touch. I've been color-coding my notebooks with the washi tape and they look so bright and colorful. I really love it. And the bulk price is great. Usually at Michaels they only sell one roll of tape and it's like 6 dollars or something, so this is definitely a better deal.

Paula L.
Good variety

The company has a good variety of tape patternsa and colors. And the tape actually sticks, so that's good.

Goldstein S.
Dries Fast

These markers are PERFECT. They dry super fast and come out clean.

Science b.
be careful or cuts will be messy

The only thing I don't like about these scissors is that you have to really pay close attention to them when using them. I like all the different edges though.